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First Social Media Platform deigned by and for B-boys and B-Girl's. Register now to become part of all things break dancing related.

New features

Battling betting, Online classes, Live streamed competitions with the sponsored professional Pro-Breaking Teams!

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Interactive Online

Become a teacher, stay a student. Watch live streamed competitions, chat and place your bets, battle against other breakers online, workshops, cyphers and more!

Crew competitions

B-Boys & B-Girls, want to make breaking your financial career? Try out for our "Professional Breakdancing Crews" & earn bread like any Pro athlete should through our "It's a dance, sport project"

Know your stuff

Ready to gamble on gamblers crew!? Let me introduce the first live B-boy betting system. (coming soon)

Crypto Investors

Get in at the ground floor of this newly Internationally Olympics approved professional sport! Can you imagine if you had a token that powered football, basketball or soccer?! Now that is a Hodl

White paper

Learn more about our tokenization, community standards, goals and utility. We will be offering free online courses such as "Intro To BlockChain" to our registered users and much more.

This ain't about the fame

No hype in this one. We want to preserve peaceful Hip-Hop among all cultures. From street to suburbs. We want to continue growing our ability to allow a positive physical outlet for B-boys and B-Girls World Wide.

Can't forget the music!

One of our other closely related initiatives is to bring music rights to all people. We want to “Release the beats”. 

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“Ever since i became a breaker myself I have always wanted our community to have more notoriety in the form of compensation for our hard-core skills and the platform we deserve to show our moves.”


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